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About Us – blushingbrides.net

blushingbrides.net is an online platform that specializes in international dating, in particular, analyzing and reviewing popular mail order bride services and dating sites. We provide high-quality site reviews that allow our users to find the very platform that will work the best for them. In addition to that, we also post useful articles about peculiarities of international dating as well as helpful info about foreign brides and relationships with them.

Who are we?

We are a young team of enthusiasts who use dating services too. In fact, we know first-hand how tricky and even dangerous online dating can be, which is why we created this platform. Our main aim is to make the international dating experience safe and fun for you.

How do blushingbrides.net rate the sites?

We analyze the sites according to multiple criteria, which allows us to eventually come up with high-quality and accurate reviews. Our team of designers, sociologists, and analytics carefully check every single feature a website offers. In our reviews, we consider such things as, website’s conversion rate, usability, mobile application, response rate, real users’ reviews, and many more. The highest rate a site can get is five stars. Platforms that do not meet all our requirements get 3 or fewer stars.

To write a detailed and honest online dating site review, our specialists carefully analyze every single aspect of a dating website. The first thing that our professionals review is the overall design of a site. A dating platform should be well-designed and presented. The second important criterion is the number of active members. If a site has more than 2 thousand active members, it is a decent site. We then evaluate the whole registration process to see how accessible and simple the dating site is.

Our dating experts know what an effective website looks and feels like, which is why it is rather easy to review a site. Our dating experts try every tool and feature available on a site. To rate a site, we carefully list all the positive and negative experiences. We never base our review on the description of a single dating expert. Usually, a review is a collective work of several experts who come to the common conclusion.

Site evaluation criteria we use

In order to claim that a particular website is worth our readers’ attention, we verify several essential parameters, among which are:

  • Popularity. If a site is number one in the search results, it doesn’t mean that it’s actually popular among real users. Therefore, to make sure that a website is used by real people rather than bots, we check its conversion, number of active users, as well as how much time do people spend on the site. In order to be able to obtain all this information, we utilize such tools as Similarweb, Ahrefs, Semrush, and Seranking.
  • Trustworthiness. As we understand that the best way to figure out whether a website is trustworthy or not is actual customers’ reviews, our analytics head to such platforms as Quora, Facebook, and Instagram to look for real users’ feedback on certain platforms. Sometimes we also contact those people to get more detailed info about their experience using this or that website.
  • Features and functionality. Our designers check whether a site is, simple to use, easy to navigate, and professionally-designed. Apart from that, we also test all the features a service offers and verify whether those functions work properly.
  • Profiles’ quality. As soon as we are done with testing a website’s functionality, we proceed to the profile evaluation. The thing is there are plenty of platforms that have mostly fake women’s profiles. So in order to protect you from such a bad experience as falling in love with a person whose identity has been stolen, we check the profile quality on every single website we review.
  • Response rate. It’s extremely sad when you are trying to flirt with a woman but it takes ages for her to reply if she replies to you at all. Therefore, to save your precious time, we check the response rates too.
  • Support. Last, but not least, we check how a site’s support team works. In particular, we take a look at the support channels a service offers such as a hotline, email, chatbot, etc. We also test how long it takes to get a reply from a support operator and how easy is it to have your problem solved. In addition to that, we test how polite the support operators are in stressful situations.

Why is our content free?

We offer free content for anyone who visits our website. We do not ask for registration neither do we sell any subscriptions or paid content. This is why in order to be able to generate free content for you, we have to take monetary compensations from our partners, which may lead to prioritizing our partners’ services or products over other similar offers. At the same time, our reviews remain accurate and as impartial as possible since we never provide any false information regarding a site’s features, costs, etc.

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