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LoveFort: Detailed Opinion On Main Services


Dominant Members Age 19-30
Mobile Friendly Yes
Female Rate 78%
Price $9.99
Our Overall Score

LoveFort is a dating platform that has website since 2018 and won the hearts of 55.7K users in last year. men and women visit site here monthly, and the overall gender mix is about 78% women to 22% men. In case you wonder if ladies are communicative here, here are approximately 2.2K girls online. The average age of users is 19-30.

The site is mobile-friendly, it has friendly supports and offers such payment options as Payoneer, PayPal, Maestro, Mastercard, Credit Cards, Visa, Skrill, Masterpass, CryptoCurrency, American Express. The starting price is $9.99.

LoveFort’s team does big job to keep the level of fraud low, so we rate the platform this high: 4.99/10.

Main Features

  • Lots of Latin American girls registered
  • A huge number of Latin girls
  • Strict profile verification process
  • After registration, users are taken directly to their newsfeed

Pros & Cons

  • A large number of users ready to communicate
  • A reply rate of 95%
  • Speed-dating games and too
  • Many Searching & Communication Options
  • Profile information and photos are only available to premium members
  • Limited search functions
  • Mobile app unavailable

Even the busiest people deserve to love and be loved, so if you fancy Latin women, LoveFort will become your perfect choice for meeting the date of your dreams without having to travel abroad. The platform specializes in girls from the Latin region, including Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina, to name a few. You don’t have to be an online dating guru to use LoveFort because the platform is printed for customers with different goals, backgrounds, and interests.

After registering on this website, you’ll understand that all the talks about it were true and that it’s definitely worth your attention. There are thousands of female members who join the platform every month. So, even if you think your work will prevent you from meeting a soulmate, LoveFort will prove that it’s possible!

LoveFort review

Is it hard to register on LoveFort?

When clicking on the website’s link for the first time, you’ll see a well-designed home page that offers to read valuable information about the platform and its services. You can check out other customers’ reviews and see whether the interface is convenient enough. LoveFort is known for providing cutting-edge services to its clients and strives to keep its reputation on a high level by constantly improving user experience and adding new features.

If you’re worried that if you’re new to online dating will negatively affect your chances of meeting a lover, you can be sure it won’t happen. The website is perfect both for newbies and advanced users of dating platforms. You’ll need a couple of minutes to set up a profile. The website will ask you to provide your email, specify your name and date of birth, and select the kind of relationships you’re looking for. Once your profile gets verified, you’ll get access to women’s profiles.

However, before proceeding to communicating with ladies, pay attention to how your profile looks because the more informati9on about yourself you include, the easier it will be for you to find a perfect woman. Besides, a photo will also give you some bonus points, so don’t forget to upload one. Also, you’ll be asked to select your preferences regarding women to make the search more precise. 

Search filters and profiles

Now speaking about the search filters, they’re beneficial because you won’t have to chat with ladies who don’t match your preferences. For example, if you know for sure that you’re looking for a tall, dark-haired woman from Colombia, you’ll be matched with ladies who fit these criteria. But even if you don’t have specific preferences, you can scroll through the profiles of women of different types and with various personality characteristics until you understand that one of them makes you want to get to know her better. 

Usually, you can choose from the following search filters:

  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Height/weight
  • Bad habits
  • Religion
  • Country
  • City

These are just some of the options, and even they prove that LoveFort provides a personalized experience to each of its users. Most women’s profiles include detailed information about themselves and multiple photos. 

Main features

Once your profile is all set up, it’s time to chat with ladies and build relationships with one of them. LoveFort provides various communication tools that improve your connection and make you and Latin women you’ve fancied to understand each other better and know more about what you have in common. The most popular communication tools offered by LoveFort are the following:

  1. Emails. If you’re a fan of old-style communication and believe that messengers eliminate the romance in communication between people, then you’ll definitely enjoy writing emails. LoveFort makes sure that all its users can use the communication tools they enjoy the most, and writing emails is a popular option because you have enough time and don’t have to hurry when writing your message. 
  2. Instant messages. If you want to experience communication that will be similar to a real-life conversation, you surely need to opt for instant messages. In this way, you could easily chat with ladies who are online and get an immediate response. 
  3. Winks. Are you attracted to a certain Latin woman but aren’t sure how to approach her? Send her a wink! That’s a go-to solution that will entice her, and she’ll be the one who reaches out to you. 
  4. Gifts and flowers. Once your relationship with a Latina woman approaches a new level, you might consider sending her something nice. Don’t forget to ask her about her favorite flowers or perfumes and use this service to make her happier. 

LoveFort offers various features and provides well-thought communication options. You won’t have to waste your time on useless dialogues because the platform’s communication tools will help you attract women.

Pricing plan

The prices often become the reason why people choose or reject using a certain website. LoveFort has affordable prices, which are on the same level as those prevalent on similar dating websites. This is a credit-based platform, so you’ll need to purchase credit packages to pay for the communication services. The prices for the credits are the following:

  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

As you can see, the prices are affordable, and you get high-quality services for them. 

Pros and cons

As they say, understanding comes through comparison. So, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of LoveFort to see whether it’s worth your attention:


  • A large number of Latin females
  • Reasonable prices
  • The support team is online 24/7
  • Various communication services
  • User-friendly interface


  • The mobile app is still under the development stage
  • Video calls are absent

LoveFort has certain shortcomings, but you don’t have to worry about them because they won’t negatively affect your experience of using this platform. The site is being constantly updated, improving all the features and eliminating issues. 


Using online dating services is the new trend, and LoveFort allows you to meet a lover without traveling abroad. You can meet a Latina woman online and be confident that she matches your preferences. So, waste no more time and try your chances of meeting a Latina girl online!

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