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Lavalife Review — Read To Find Out If This Site Is Worth The Money


Dominant Members Age 19-35
Mobile Friendly Yes
Female Rate 42%
Price $34.99
Our Overall Score

Lavalife is a dating platform that has website since 2000 and won the hearts of 11K users in last year. men and women visit site here monthly, and the overall gender mix is about 42% women to 58% men. In case you wonder if ladies are communicative here, here are approximately 2.2K girls online. The average age of users is 19-35.

The site is mobile-friendly, it has friendly supports and offers such payment options as Credit Cards, Mastercard, Skrill, Payoneer, Maestro, PayPal, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Delta, EasyPay. The starting price is $34.99.

Lavalife’s team does big job to keep the level of fraud low, so we rate the platform this high: 3.33/10.

Main Features

  • Guided questionnaire
  • Fun, Creative, Insightful Essay Questions
  • Women are interested in meeting foreign men
  • Very easy interface and great design of the website
  • Free & easy sign up

Pros & Cons

  • No fees needed
  • Free and almost immediate registration
  • Functions the same way as the full website
  • Members are specific in stating what they are looking for in the site
  • Mobile site is optimized for mobile browsing
  • Profile and photo viewing is free
  • Some users put only limited info on their profiles
  • The girls don't initiate the contact
  • May be too quirky for some

Established in 1987, Lavalife is the oldest dating website that is still online today. However, it’s neither the best nor the most popular dating platform — it’s just the oldest one and this fact alone doesn’t give this website any significant benefits over other similar platforms. But it would also be wrong to say that the Lavalife dating site isn’t worth your attention — it’s definitely worth it and it certainly has some strong sides. Want to know more about them? Then, continue reading this Lavalife review — here, we’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about it.

Lavalife dating website: Profiles

First of all, let’s talk about the profiles on the Lavalife dating site. The exact number is unknown — but taking into account the number of the downloads, we can safely say that the total number of members is at least 50,000 here. This number, of course, includes those who have deleted their profiles or didn’t become active users — but unfortunately, no such statistics are available. So, even if we assume that only 1 out of 4 people who have downloaded this app became active users, we can safely say that there are more than 10,000 members on the Lavalife dating site. And that’s not even including the members who have never downloaded the mobile app!

As for the quality of profiles, here’s the thing: it’s something that can’t be measured accurately with numbers. We analyzed lots of accounts on Lavalife dating website, and according to that analysis, most profiles are quite detailed and active — but again, it’s just impossible to measure the quality of profiles if there are tens of thousands of them, so it’s just an observation, not a fact.

Lavalife: Interface and usability

The interface of the Lavalife dating site is ok, but it’s not an “A”, it’s more like “B” or “C”. The thing is: this website is not modern. It looks like a good, maybe even great, dating site from the early 2010s, but it just can’t impress you if you’ve ever used other dating platforms. It’s ok, but nothing more than that — and at the same time, we can’t say that there are lots of problems with the interface of this site. No, it’s quite intuitive and it’s also easy to use. There’s just nothing great about it.

Lavalife app

The same goes for the Lavalife mobile app. Yes, there are both Android and iOS Lavalife apps so you’ll enjoy them if you’re into mobile dating. But again: there’s nothing great about this app. With its icons, design, buttons, and logic, it looks exactly like that dating app you probably used on your brand new iPhone 5S 7 years ago.

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Lavalife dating site: Registration, free and paid features

Now, let’s talk about the Lavalife sign up process — and unfortunately, it’s not that great here. We are used to the modern dating platforms where you can create an account in 1-2 minutes, but Lavalife stands out from the crowd — and not in a good way. Basically, on this step, this platform confirms the first impression made by the interface of the site because even the registration process on Lavalife dating site looks straight from 2012, not 2021.

First, you need to enter your email and name. After that, you username, your ZIP code, height and your body type, religion, and your ethnicity. Then, it’s time to enter your education level, your smoking and drinking habits, your attitude toward children, and the answer to the question “do you have children already?”. Got tired already? That’s not all. After that, you need to enter your annual income and your relationship goals (e.g long-term relationships, casual dates, hookups). And after that, you will be required to upload a photo from your PC (if you use the PC version of the site) — and you just CAN’T skip this step, just like all the previous steps!

The last step is email verification — after that, you can start using the Lavalife dating website. Here’s what you can do for free on this platform:

  • Use advanced search filters
  • View the profile
  • Reply to premium members only
  • Send “smiles”
  • Like other profiles
  • Join “Discussion” rooms
  • Play LavaLounge (a Tinder-like game, only available in the mobile app)

That’s not all — you can become a premium member to get access to extra services and features. Here they are:

  •  Unlimited messaging
  • Separate dating profiles for different sections — for example, you can create 1 profile for long-term dating and 1 profile for hookups
  • List of members who have visited your profile
find your love Price, payment methods

How much does a premium subscription to the Lavalife dating site cost? Here’s the answer:

  1. 1 month — $20
  2. 3 months — $50
  3. 6 months — $90

There are no discounts on the Lavalife dating website, but all new users get a free 7-day pass. You don’t need to pay right after the registration — just create an account, upload some photos, verify the email address, and enjoy all the premium features of Lavalife.

Is worth your time and money?

In short, yes. It’s the oldest dating site with thousands of users, it’s quite good — if you ignore some design flaws and a very time-consuming registration process, of course. Just don’t get us wrong, there are no serious problems with — we simply believe there are lots of sites that deserve to be on the top lists of the best dating sites much more than Lavalife. What’s even worse than that, it doesn’t look modern and it doesn’t look like anything is going to change in the near future. For example, go to the FAQ section and click “Billing and Account” — you’ll see that they were going to introduce new subscription options… in 2015 — and since that, nothing has changed. It’s not something to worry about, it’s just very illustrative.

But all these downsides are minor and the main idea we want to show you is that despite all these problems, Lavalife is still a good option to try. It’s not the top dating site in the world and, to be fair, it’s not even in the top-5 list — but it offers a 7-day free trial period and it has thousands of users. So, it’s definitely worth trying — and if you like it, maybe it’ll be worth the money for you.

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