Why Do Costa Rican Brides Attract So Many Foreign Guys?
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Why Do Costa Rican Brides Attract So Many Foreign Guys?

Costa Rican mail order brides have long been the dream of thousands of men from around the world; they have all the qualities, beauty, and charm that attract the male part of the world. Moreover, Costa Rican girls also find foreign men very attractive and prefer finding and meeting foreign men on the Internet with the help of different mail order bride platforms. If you are interested in beautiful Costa Rican brides, it is important to know their mentality and character features and how to find them today without spending too much effort and time. In this article, you will find all the answers to questions about Costa Rican women.

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What are the peculiarities of Costa Rican lady?

There are many reasons why Costa Rican brides are so rapidly gaining popularity among foreign men. Their fascinating character traits, kind nature, and a special dedication to family combined with their angelic beauty make them wonderful wives. But what exactly sets Costa Rican women apart from all other girls and makes them so special and unusual for foreign men? Let’s find it out!

Fascinating beauty and charm

Costa Rican women are famous all over the world for their amazing beauty and are considered one of the most desirable and sexy Latina women for marriage. These girls impress at first sight with their natural beauty and special charm, and aura of femininity and sensuality. Dark hair, sun-tanned skin, hazelnut eyes, and hot curvy figures are typical of Costa Rican brides. And their healthy lifestyle and worldview help them maintain their beauty even in old age.

Inner positivity and happiness of Costa Rican girl

Costa Rica is considered one of the happiest countries in the world to live in; you will notice it even when you first meet a beauty from Costa Rica. Life expectancy in Costa Rica is one of the highest in the world and is more than 79 years. Their lives are filled only with joyful emotions and positivity; every day with such Costa Rican wives will be filled with lightness and new unforgettable emotions.

Costa Rican mail order brides are sociable and friendly

In Costa Rica, only 11% of people know English. But don’t worry, you’ll always find common ground with Costa Rican women, despite the language barrier. Brides from Costa Rica are very open to new meetings and very friendly to foreigners.

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Costa Rican women are religious

Costa Rican women are not only very kind-hearted but live according to their religion, faith, and traditions. More than half of Costa Rica’s population is Catholic, and for a marriage, a wedding in the church is obligatory. Costa Rica mail order wives become one of the most loyal girls who have very strong family values and incredible respect and devotion to their partners.

Life in Costa Rica is full of festivals and dances

As in most countries in this region, dancing, festivals, carnivals, and frequent family gatherings are the basis of life in Costa Rica. It’s all about spending as much time with your family as possible. With a Costa Rican girl, you will not only learn to dance, but every weekend will be filled with new discoveries and experiences.

Costa Rican dating culture

Now that you know more about girls from Costa Rica and where to find them, it is high time to mention a few words about the dating culture in this country. This will help you tremendously improve the quality of your communication and understand what local girls from this country want from serious relationships. 

In this section, we will mention a few general ideas that shape the dating culture in Costa Rica. Don’t consider these ideas to be universal truths, but they represent the dating culture in some share of form nonetheless. 

Relationships in Costa Rica evolve very quickly

Just like in real-life relationships, online communication can develop rapidly with a bride from this country. Girls don’t prefer lengthy and slow first dates. If there is an initial connection, you can consider your date your girlfriend. Surely, you will need more than one date before you can call your beauty a bride, but you can be sure that it will be sooner than later (if you do everything correctly!).

Dating means monogamy

Even though Latin people are polyamorous people, if you want to be successful in relationships, you need to stick to one girl. If you start dating a Costa Rican mail order bride, stop dating other girls. Or be incredibly careful and not give away that you are doing that. Costa Rican women for marriage are exceptionally jealous, and they aren’t afraid of admitting that. 

Costa Rican woman
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Top myths about Costa Rican brides

Latin American women have become very popular over the last decade. And with this popularity, there are also many stereotypes and myths about Costa Rican ladies. So let’s look at the most common ones.

  • Costa Rican wives are gold-diggers. In fact, Costa Rica is a real paradise on earth, with favorable living conditions. For most girls, only love matters, but like every girl, they want to see a reliable and confident partner.
  • Costa Rican girls do not know English. Only a small proportion of the population in Costa Rica speaks English. Still, Costa Rican ladies learn very quickly, so the language barrier will not be a problem for a relationship with a Costa Rican bride.
  • They are very loud, emotional, and hot-tempered. In fact, every girl is different, but most mail order brides in Costa Rica are different from other parts of Latin America. They are very calm and kind-hearted and rarely raise their voices, even during a conflict.

When marrying a Costa Rican bride the most important thing to remember is that every girl is special. Therefore, to avoid missing your true love, you should dispel all myths and stereotypes to avoid any barriers and misunderstandings with your Costa Rican bride.

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Americans, like any other foreigners, are welcome to Costa Rica. That is why international marriages here are more than common. Marrying a Costa Rican girl will not be hard since all you need to do is to follow Costa Rican wedding laws. 

Moreover, Costa Rican girls for marriage tend to seek a foreign man because Costa Rica is a very poor country that can propose nothing to these hot ladies. Marriage statistics indicate that annually, more Costa Rican women get married to Americans. In 2015, the percentage of such women was 10%, and in 2019, it increased to 15%.

A lot of Costa Rica women for marriage become mail order brides and marry Americans because: 

  1. Americans are prone to have better treatment to Costa Rica ladies.
  2. These guys can propose better life conditions, which are quite a slum in Costa Rica.
  3. Americans are ready to create families, which is essential to beautiful Costa Rican girls.
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Advantages of marrying a Costa Rica bride

Marriages between Americans and Costa Rica women last longer since these girls are simple and genuine. Hence, they expect simple things from their beloved husbands. This time we are going to talk about things you can expect if you desire to build a marriage with a Costa Rican woman:

  • These amazing women are not only seductive, but they also speak English fluently, which means you can have tons of interesting small talks. 
  • Marriage in Costa Rica proposes you a beloved wife who will cook you tasty meals, maintain coziness in your house and care about you gently. 
  • Costa Rica ladies are destined to be perfect mothers since they have valued family bonds from childhood. 
  • Costa Rican women for marriage are passionate and invigorated. They have a lot of energy to travel, dance, and share creative ideas. 
costa rican mail order bride

Why do Costa Rica mail order brides want to marry foreigners?

All women from Costa Rica want to see a loving and self-confident man by their side. Sometimes, local women can’t rely on local men in terms of robust marriage and creating long-lasting relationships. That is why Costa Rican singles create accounts on mail order bride sites and use their features to communicate with foreign men. However, the disappointment in local guys isn’t the only reason potential Costa Rica wives seek men abroad. Here are some other aspects that motivate Costa Rican beauties to become mail order brides. 

  1. Each Costa Rican woman wants to marry a family-oriented man. Unfortunately, local guys tend to cheat on their wives and don’t devote much time to their families. Ladies from this country believe that American guys are more focused on the family rather than parties and noisy nights with friends. Costa Rican ladies want to have a life full of love and passion. They consider American guys to be perfect candidates to accomplish all their relationship goals. 
  2. Women from Costa Rica believe in the success of cross-cultural relationships. These ladies are sure that when partners with different ethnicities know each other better, they create close bonds, which is a cornerstone to healthy and long-lasting relationships. Each Costa Rican girl does her best to make her partner feel comfortable by her side, even if they have different values and family approaches. 
  3. Costa Rica brides are all about opening new horizons. Average Costa Rican woman is open to new experiences and international marriage is like a personal challenge for her. Many Costa Rican brides dream of living in a different country, discovering new cultures and adapting to absolutely new circumstances.
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How to find Costa Rican mail order brides online

Today, online dating platforms allows everyone to find their love from any country in the world. Online dating sites and apps are a great way to meet Costa Rican women or even meet Argentina brides; every member gets access to a huge database of profiles to buy foreign brides online. So, how to find Costa Rican brides online? Let’s find it out!

  • Choose the best site that focuses on the Latin region. Learn more about the pricing policy and services offered by this platform.
  • Register and create your profile. Be sure to add quality photos and fill out a page about yourself.
  • Start searching for your perfect match. With the help of advanced matchmaking algorithms and an extended search tool, you will be able to choose any filters to meet your true soul mate faster.
  • Chat with Costa Rican brides. Once you find your Costa Rican bride, you can send her a letter or start chatting. Many communication options will make your chats more romantic and closer.
  • Surprise your lady of heart. Sending virtual or real gifts is an exclusive service that will help you show your love for your Costa Rican bride.
  • Arrange a real date. Once you are tired of correspondence, you can arrange an offline meeting.

Top international dating sites to find your future wife from Costa Rica

To meet Costa Rican brides, you need to know where to look. And while the whole process of seeking these mesmerizing women is simple, the choice of your website is crucial. Fortunately for you, we have everything you might need, and in this section, we will offer you a selection of the top 4 online dating sites with Costa Ricans for any taste. These websites have been analyzed, reviewed, and tested by our team members to ensure that they offer you high quality and diversity of services. Use any of those platforms to have the best time of your life, as you will find hundreds of beautiful and real Costa Ricans for marriage online!

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Costa Rican brides price

The cost of Costa Rican brides is one of the most commonly asked questions, and it is important to answer it in detail. Now, before we start mentioning numbers and figures, it is essential to clarify one thing. You might hear the phrase ‘to buy a mail order bride’, and some guys consider it to be something illegal, shady, and immoral. But it is not. It just means spending money on communication with mail order brides from Costa Rica. In other words, you pay money for services to reach girls, that is all.

Now, the Costa Rican brides price depends on many factors. First, is the website that you are using. Platforms that we mentioned above use credits as their main currency, which means that you spend money, buy credits, and spend them on various fee-based services. The second factor is how much time you can spend. Since the more you use a website, the more you spend money. Lastly, your financial capabilities define the final sum. On average, though, men spend around $50-$100 per month on Costa Rican brides. It can be less or more, the rest depends on you and your goals! The thing is, it doesn’t matter where your bride is from. You may easily look for Panamian brides, and the cost would be the same!

costa rican woman for marriage
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Find stunning Costa Rican women for marriage in their home country

If you prefer to have a great time in Costa Rica and enjoy its beaches and nightlife with gorgeous ladies, feel free to visit this hospitable country. The majority of American grooms visit Latin America to meet Costa Rican girls. This city offers a slew of opportunities to get acquainted with beautiful ladies and find your soulmate. Aside from meeting Costa Rica women for marriage, you can take a deep dive into the world of this hospitable country, learn its traditions and core values.

Keep in mind that offline dating with a Costa Rican woman is more expensive compared to online mail order bride services. For example, the average price for the round trip from New York to San José is $300, and the good deal for a 3-stars hotel is $100 per night. Also, be ready to pay for transportation, dinners, drinks, and gifts for your potential Costa Rican wife. Moreover, there are always additional expenses related to entertainment. 

So, if you want to explore Latin America and find a Costa Rican bride, you will need to plan your adventure beforehand. Feel free to visit the places mentioned below to have an awesome time in Costa Rica and meet your future Costa Rican wife. 

Latin bride

Best places to meet a Costa Rican woman in the daytime

Those who want to start their love hunting adventure from the very beginning of the day can visit numerous places to meet hot Costa Rican brides. Local girls like to spend time at the shopping malls and local parks. Whether you want to meet university girls or mid-aged Costa Rican women, you can visit the following places. Here are some shopping malls to explore:

  • Avenida Escazú
  • Plaza Real Cariari
  • Plazavenida
  • Mall San Pedro
  • City Mall

If you want to enjoy a sunny day outside and get acquainted with Costa Rican girls, you can go to local parks and relish the beautiful nature of San José. Here are just some examples of local parks to visit.

  • Central Park
  • Morazon Park
  • Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo
  • Parque La Sabana

Those who are all about exploring local attractions can consider the following places. Girls from all over the country go to San José to explore these amazing locations:

  • Museo Nacional De Costa Rica
  • Museo de Los Niños
  • Parque Diversiones
  • Mercado Municipal De Artesanías
  • Museo de Arte Costarricense
Costa Rican wife
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Top locations to find a Costa Rican wife at night 

If you are all about date nights with a Costa Rican woman, pay attention to the following nightclubs and pick-up bars in San Jose:

  • Club Alcazar 
  • Castro’s at Av 
  • Salsa 54 
  • El Pueblo 
  • Pepper Disco Club in Zapote
  • Rapsodia Lounge 
  • El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte 
  • Josephine Nicole Night Club 
  • Vip´s at Calle 

In case you are looking for the best places to eat out, feel free to visit these top restaurants and cocktail bars.

  • Grano de Oro
  • Bebedero  
  • La Terrasse at Avenida 9 Calle 15 
  • Tin Jo Asian 
  • Factory Steak & Lobster 
  • Maxi’s 
  • Mil 948
  • Los Anonos Steak House 
  • Restaurante Silvestre 
  • Jazz Café 

Success story

“When my friends told me to look for a wife online, I thought they were joking. But they were not. And I tried it. At first, I couldn’t find anyone. But then I met Vicky. We started chatting and it was a blast! She has made me the happiest man on the planet, and when I met her in real life, I realized that I had to marry her. Fortunately, my feelings were mutual, and in about 1 year, we got married!”

Travis and Victoria

To sum up

Costa Rican mail order brides enchant at first sight and become great halves for foreign men. And today, everyone can meet their perfect Costa Rica women online. So don’t miss your chance, register on the online dating site and start searching for your ideal bride online.


Are Costa Rican brides different from women who live in the US?

Yes, they are really different! First of all, Costa Rican ladies are extremely hot — we don’t want to say that women from the US are not hot, but Costa Rican women are on another level. They are also more traditional, more feminine, and they are generally much more warm and friendly than the ladies from the United States.

Where to meet meet Costa Rican ladies?

You can go to Costa Rica and approach women on the streets of San Jose, but it’s very expensive and the chances are very low that you’ll find your ideal woman this way. There are lots of dating websites with thousands of beautiful Costa Rican women who are searching for an American man — these sites are not that expensive, so we highly recommend you try mail order platforms first.

Are Costa Rican mail order brides really too emotional?

Yes, but not to the extent where it becomes a problem. They are generally more emotional than women from the United States, but at the same time, they are not as hot-tempered as most Latin ladies.

Do Costa Rican mail order wives love American men?

Yes, they do! Costa Rican brides think that men from the United States make better boyfriends and husbands than men from Costa Rica, and they tend to think that American men are much more caring and respectful. So, if you come from the Us to seek for a wife in Costa Rica, you have really high chances for success!

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