Romanian Mail Order Brides—Is A Romanian Bride A Worthy Candidate For Marriage?
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Romanian Mail Order Brides—Is A Romanian Bride A Worthy Candidate For Marriage?

Who are Romanian brides? They are women who want to change their lives and find real love. And if you want to marry Romanian bride, we are here to help you — our guide will show you the real opportunities that await you in the near future! Romanian ladies are goal-oriented, eager to commit to the relationships, and know how to build a happy and strong family! So, if you are here to marry Romanian mail order brides, you will find this article useful and informative!

Top Dating Sites To Meet Romanian Women

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Top outstanding personality traits of Romanian women for marriage 

If you want to build close bonds with a Romanian woman, exploring the personality traits of these ladies is a must. Overall, Romanian mail order bride adopts features of typical European ladies. It would be wrong to generalize all women from this country, but many of them have similar features. Explore all of them to determine whether a girl from Romania can chain your heart. 

Romanian girls are faithful

Each Romanian woman strives to create long-lasting and healthy relationships. These ladies demonstrate integrity and flexible character in their actions. Romanian girl is dedicated to her partners regardless of the situation she experience. Romanian wives refrain from cheating on their husbands and remain true to their marriage vows. So, if you are on the lookout for a reliable partner who will always be committed to you, girls from Romania will be a no-brain choice.    

Ladies from Romania are independent

Romania is a well-developed country, so its citizens achieve a good education and have a high level of life. Romanian ladies are good professionals and manage to build brilliant careers. Being independent and self-confident, they are looking for partners with similar values. Considering Romanian wife intelligence, good manners, and ambitiousness, Romanian lady know her worth. That is why some Romanian women may seem a bit picky when it comes to choosing their life partners. 

Romanian women are broad-minded

A high level of education and curiosity make Romanian brides for marriage broad-minded and progressive. Aside from being able to have their ideas challenged, they are humble about their own knowledge and expertise. Meet Romanian brides always mean, that you should be ready for new experiences and consider international marriage a personal challenge. If you choose a Romanian girl as your spouse, you will always have somebody to discuss interesting topics. 

Christina, 33
33 y.o.
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation designer
Irina, 35
35 y.o.
Location Krasnodar, Russia
Occupation Psychologist
Ekaterina, 30
30 y.o.
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation Fitness trainer
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Romanian ladies follow Western lifestyle

These women are highly westernized, though being more family-oriented compared to American females. Communicating and dating ladies from Romania is a breeze for a Western guy. These women respect personal boundaries, speak English, and follow modern relationship tendencies. Nevertheless, pretty Romanian girls always put their relationships first. Even if a woman has a successful career, she will be ready to put it off for the sake of her family. By the way, these ladies are excellent housewives, which is a strong advantage for family life.  

Women from Romania are patient

These ladies will hardly make a conflict from nothing. Even if you don’t agree with their partners, they prefer constructive discussions rather than yelling bouts. Being flexible, Romanian girls are always ready for compromises. The only thing your spouse will hardly forgive is betrayal and offensive behavior. If Romanian women carry a torch to their partners, they will be patient, understanding, and supportive. Many potential grooms from the West seek these personality traits in their future wives. 

Women in Romania—What are the peculiarities of their appearance?

When looking for a Romanian woman, you are probably wondering about the secrets of their beauty. Romanian girls look like Slavic women. They have slim bodies, medium height, darkish curly hair, smooth skin, and dark eyes. Their expressive features make them stand out on the dating sites scene. Romanian girls don’t need to do many cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery since their natural appeal leaves many men in awe. 

The reasons behind the beauty of Romanian females are their genetics and culture. They are tall like Scandinavians, tanned like South Americans, and skinny like Asians. As you see, Romanian girls employ features of multiple ethnicities. Often, it seems that they adopt the best physical traits from their ancestors. 

Culture is a no less important reason for the special appeal of European brides. These women were taught to care for themselves and showcase their best features from their early teens. Obviously, it reflects on them later in life. Suffice it to say, beauty standards are more significant in Romania than in other European countries. A good-looking lady can achieve more heights in this country than an intelligent one, though most Romanians are both gorgeous and smart.    

Girls from Romania complement their natural allure with a perfect sense of style. They tend to wear fashionable apparel and combine it with winning accessories. These ladies don’t apply much makeup. You will hardly see a Romanian lady with artificial lashes and bright lips. Nevertheless, these women pay much attention to skincare. That is the reason they have fresh and soft skin even after 50. So, if you marry a Romanian lady, you will have a chance to have a stunning and young-looking lady by your side.  

After the Soviet Union collapsed, Russian women for marriage got interested in Americans. This interest led to the rise of international marriages. Moreover, the relationships between Russian girls and Americans are stronger than ever. That is why when they connect, they build happy families and maintain good relationships. This makes a Russian women marriage stronger and longer.

It is, however, hard to indicate the exact statistics of Russian-American marriages because it is a recent phenomenon. Russian women looking marriage are eager to move to the USA, and most of them apply for Green cards. INS statistics have estimated that approximately 80% of Russian-American marriages are intact after two years. This is based on the number of green card applications they receive.

Russian women looking for marriage choose Americans for a couple of reasons:

  • Americans are reliable and less demanding than Russian men.
  • Americans have nothing against Russian women with kids. On the contrary, they please them to top their lives.
  • Single Russian women for marriage find Americans beautiful, successful, and more caring.
  • This marriage is also a big opportunity to move to the United States since the level of life there is higher.

Why should you marry a Russian bride? 

There are different reasons why Americans marry Russian brides: some of them enjoy their looks, and some get fascinated by their knowledge. It is essential to highlight the most desirable traits that Russian women own:

  • When you meet Russian women for marriage, the first thing you pay attention to is their irresistible beauty mixed with humble manners. 
  • Russian women seeking marriage are sensible. They keep learning constantly, and therefore it makes them good speakers.
  • They adore traveling. Russian women wanting marriage find traveling the best way to learn a lot about the world and in this case—about you. So, if you marry her, she will travel to your country, meet your friends and family, and discover the things you enjoy in life.

Pros and cons of marrying Romanian mail order bride

Before we dive deeper into the world of online dating with Romanian brides, let’s talk about the pros and cons of marrying them. Just a few facts that can help you understand whether stunning Romanian women are suitable for you or not!


  • It is hard to predict them — your every day can be unique, spontaneous, and exciting!
  • Romanian women have goals and know how to achieve them
  • If they are in serious relationships, they commit to them
  • Romanian girls are not demanding, spoiled, or capricious
  • They enjoy dating sites and know what foreign guys seek and want
  • Romanian mail order wives are Eastern European women but share almost nothing with Slavic people


  • They know how to be independent. If you are seeking a woman who will fully depend on her husband, a Romanian bride may not be ideal for you
  • Some Romanian girls are not fluent in English
  • There are a lot of stereotypes about Romanian women
Anastasia, 29
29 y.o.
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation Manager
Anastasia, 29
29 y.o.
Location Minsk, Belarus
Occupation Translator
Anastasiya, 20
20 y.o.
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation Manager
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Myths and stereotypes about Romanian brides

Unfortunately, we are living in a world where information can be distorted, changed, and manipulated. Because of that, some people don’t know what to expect from online dating with girls from other countries. We decided to help you learn the truth about Romanian mail order brides online, and if you truly want to meet Eastern European brides for marriage not only from Romania, here are the top 3 myths and stereotypes that you need to know about!

All Romanian people are gypsies

Nonsense! Although gypsies are related to Romanian culture, they don’t live there. A Romanian bride is not a part of a gypsy band, and she doesn’t want to steal horses or know how to predict the future. It is just like saying that Romanian people are vampires, just because of the legend about Dracula!

Most Romanian brides are from rural areas

It doesn’t even make sense! Although Romania is largely agricultural and rural, women who live in cities are the ones who want to have a better life. This is very similar to girls who live in Moldova. Romanian women have knowledge and abilities to communicate with foreigners and move to another country.

A Romanian mail order bride just wants to escape her country and not seek love

Although this stereotype can be rather true, it is important to understand that to receive the K-1 visa and live in the United States, a bride has to be verified and interviewed by experts who know when a person lies about her real intentions. So, it is incredibly difficult to cheat the system.

How can you meet Romanian brides?

So, you have 2 options — go to Romania and look for a Romanian wife there or use an online mail order bride platform and different dating sites. Let’s take a closer look at both of these approaches!

Go to Romania to find a Romanian bride

While it may sound adventurous and fun, you need to understand that it can be exceptionally difficult and expensive to do so. First of all, you need to know where to find your bride. You need to find brides who know English, and then find brides who are willing to marry a foreigner, and only then Romanian women who are willing to marry you! A lot of conditions, aren’t there? Moreover, you will need to spend quite a lot of money on a trip that might not even be successful!

If you are all about traveling and experiencing new emotions, you can meet Romanian women by visiting this hospitable country. Romania boasts numerous places to visit, so you will definitely find hot girls there to build a close connection with. In case you aren’t sure you want to travel alone, you can take part in dedicated romance tours. Also, it is possible to delegate your trip organization to professional travel agencies. Therefore, there is no need to worry about flight tickets, transportation, and accommodation.

romanian mail order bride

Use an online dating website

This is a much easier approach to find best foreign brides online. You don’t need to worry about logistics and other stuff — everything will be taken care of for you! You just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy a proper dating Romanian women experience. Of course, you will have to find and chat with Romanian mail order brides, but it is easier than you think. The benefits of dating sites are: low cost, efficiency, and simplicity.

With the development of the online dating industry, numerous men have an opportunity to find their soulmates abroad. All you need is to find a reliable website with an authentic database of users. Once you create your account, you can use the searching options available on the sites to find the perfect match. It is possible to filter out the parameters to find girls who fulfill your preferences. Also, reputable platforms incorporate well-elaborated messaging options, so communication with Romanian women for marriage will be a breeze. 

Overall, the cornerstone of successful modern dating sites is to find a trustworthy Romanian wife finder and organize a smooth communication process.

Top Dating Websites To Meet Romanian Singles – 2023

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⭐️ BravoDateFrom $ 2.99💥 First order discount – 2 credits with only $3.99
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How much does a Romanian wife cost?

The cost of Romanian brides for marriage is a matter of concern for numerous suitors from the West. There are stereotypes that Romanian wives are affordable only for wealthy men. However, with a large number of competing websites, the prices for dating services are rather affordable. Everything depends on the platform of your choice, the features you use, and the system the website provides to charge for the services. For example, such reputable websites as Amour Factory, Jolly Romance, and Bravo Date use a credit system. This means that to use a particular feature, you will need to spend credits. You can choose one of the available credit packages and spend them at your disposal. 

The total amount of money you spend on dating services depends on your online activity. Typically, men spend up to $150 monthly. However, if you are all about communicating with multiple women, you can spend even more. Agree that the amount of money you spend is completely justified by the experience you achieve. With dedicated mail order bride services, you will have an opportunity to find a Romanian wife from the comfort of your home.    

Top 3 websites to find a Romanian woman—All costs covered 

If you want to study the pricing policy of top mail order bride websites, feel free to read brief rundowns of top contenders currently available. 

  • JollyRomance offers numerous features to connect Romanian brides for marriage. You can choose between 5 credit packages, so the services are affordable for everyone. The cheapest bundle of 20 credits costs $9.99, while the most expensive one is $149.99 for 750 credits. Also, you can make the most out of the special offer for the first payment. Seize the chance to buy the first 20 credits only for $2.99.
  • CharmDate is another reputable website with a high level of credibility among users. This dating platform also offers a credit system. Feel free to choose between 3 packages to open up the entire potential of the platform. 2 credits will cost you $15.99, 16 credits cost $96, and 100 credits are available for $399. There is also a discount on the first payment. You can buy 2 credits only for $3.99.

BravoDate is another digital spot to meet beautiful Romanian women for marriage. The website offers 5 credit packages, starting from $9.99 and ending with $149.99. This dating platform provides numerous perks for its users. For example, as a newcomer, you can get 20 complimentary credits. Also, it is possible to get 10 additional credits for an email confirmation.  

Challenges of being with Romanian mail order wife

Relationships can be difficult, there is no point in denying that. But if you know how to solve your problems or even know what to expect, you can either avoid challenges or quickly take care of them! We would like to offer you a short list of things that might go wrong if you want to marry Romanian brides online. Forewarned is forearmed!

  1. Your bride may think that you are too controlling. You may expect that Romanian women may prefer a man who controls everything. Well, they are not, so keep that in mind! Just don’t assume that your bride is helpless and can’t do things on her own.
  2. You may forget about being romantic. Although Romanian brides can look rather independent, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be showered in flowers, compliments, and other romantic gestures. Treat your woman right, and you will never have a problem in your relationships!
  3. Don’t ignore or forget about Romanian girl culture and country. If your bride wants to talk about her country — don’t ignore her!

Final verdict

Romanian mail order wives may infuse your life with sincere and vibrant emotions. The perfect combination of extraordinary appearance and personality traits of these ladies make them perfect candidates to win the hearts of American men. Just like hot Belarusian brides, Romanian females want to build long-lasting and healthy relationships with family-focused men. So, if you have serious intentions, choose a reliable platform and start your romantic venture right away.


How to meet a Romanian bride?

The easiest way to meet a Romanian bride is online dating. Choose a Romanian bride website, sign up, and chat with thousands of women from this country—it’s easier, faster, and much cheaper than going to Romania and trying to meet women there.

Is getting a Romanian mail order bride a good idea?

Getting a Romanian mail order bride is definitely a good idea—these women are very beautiful, quite traditional, and they generally make great wives. They are also emotional, feminine, and very romantic!

How to marry a Romanian mail order bride?

When it comes to marrying a Romanian bride, there are three main rules. First, you need to be respectful. Second, you need to look your best. And third, be a gentleman—Romanian brides love compliments and chivalrous things.

How much does it cost to marry a Romanian bride?

The marriage with a Romanian mail order wife will cost you anything from $10,000 to $50,000, but before that, you’ll have to meet your Romanian bride in her country. This will cost you about $2,000–$3,000 for 1 week (including the tickets).

Does an average Romanian bride want to find a foreign husband?

Most Romanian brides believe that American men are more respectful and caring than men from Romania. Some of them also think that the US is a better place for a living (can’t argue with that).

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