Mail Order Bride Scam — How Serious Is It And How to Avoid Scams?
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Mail Order Bride Scam — How Serious Is It And How to Avoid Scams?

Dating platform is a very popular place to seek serious relationships. Unfortunately, it is also a very popular place for scammers and frauds. Gullible, naive, or simply inexperienced people use online dating and get scammed all the time! If you want to ensure that your online dating experience is safe, legit, and enjoyable, you will find this article highly useful and informative. Join the world of online dating and find trustworthy and scam-free mail order brides sites with us!

What are dating sites scams?

A mail order bride scams are practice to get your money or personal information online. There are a few types of scams that you can find on mail order brides platforms. 

First, the whole site could be fake. A fake site would collect your information, try to steal your money and credit card data, or even upload some malware and spyware on your computer. 

Second, you may use a proper online dating site and simply communicate with a scammer. Despite verification processes, scammers can create accounts and fake their personalities to fool people. Very often, scammers try to lure you either to another mail order bride website where your information could be gathered, or simply use social media to continue communication there. So, it is very clear that if you have serious intentions of finding true love online, it is paramount to avoid fake international dating sites and scammers.

Statistics on mail order brides scams

According to statistics, all too many people have been a part of this love story that never ends happily ever after. In 2019, there were more than 25,000 reports about romance scams in the United States alone. Moreover, according to FBI statistics, romance scam were the second most reported crime in 2019. Therefore, it is possible to see that the issue is exceptionally severe.

It is essential to note that apart from being disappointed in learning that your potential bride or date is fake, people lose a lot of money to scammers. For example, in 2019, more than $200 million were lost due to scammers online. With the rise of online dating, the amount of money that was lost was 6 times higher than in 2015! Thus, seeing how many people are getting scammed every single day, it is important to learn what to do to ensure 

Examples of mail order brides scams

There are many types of forms of mail order bride scams and fraud. However, we would like to offer you 3 of the most common examples that most online dating scammers use.

Money problems

For instance, you meet a foreign woman online. She is smart, easy-going, beautiful, and open to communication. You have a special connection, and you enjoy your time with her. However, she has some financial issues. It can be surgery or other medical expenses, a gambling debt, or some family problems that can only be solved with a few thousand of dollars. She won’t ask you for money right away. But if you see that your mail order brides hints to you that she needs some financial help, 9 out of 10 she is a scammer.

Firstly, it is usually forbidden by the site’s policy for women to ask men for money. Secondly, a girl wouldn’t use a mail order bride service if she really needs financial help. So, if you see that your date asks you for money, don’t help her right away. Ask for proof. If the situation is severe, your date would send you every single document and piece of evidence right away. But if she is a scammer, it would require her some time to fabricate them!

Get a plane ticket

Online communication often ends in real-life meetings. And sometimes, romance scammers can ask you for money for plane tickets. First of all, you can buy a plane ticket for your bride. Also, the most legit and effective mail order bride platforms can help you organize an in-person meeting. So, if your bride wants to see you in person, you can ask the site’s administration to set everything up!

They ask you to buy something for them

Very often, a scammer doesn’t care about your personal information. All they care about is getting your credit card data. And to get such information, they either need to lure you to a fake mail order bride site or to some other dating website. Sometimes, fake foreign brides can ask you to buy them something. And while it is rather common for girls to want to get some presents or flowers, you should always check the site that you use. Often, scammers give you direct links to some online dating sites that pretend to be some major sites like Amazon or eBay and steal your credit card information.

How to avoid mail order bride scam?

  • Be aware of the platform that you use. Choose popular dating sites that have proper reputation and recognition. 
  • Don’t spend money on your bride right away. Chat with her for at least a week or two. Most romance scammer wouldn’t waste so much time on a single victim.

How to choose trusted mail order bride websites?

The best way to choose trusted mail order brides websites is to read reviews and seek articles and analyze mail order bride sites. Most of the time, if people are scammed, they tend to describe everything in huge detail! Research your platforms and choose only reputable and popular mail order bride websites.


There are much mail order bride scams. But to avoid getting on a dating scammer list, you need to be aware of where you seek mail order brides and with whom you speak. Don’t rush into spending real money on girls you know nothing about. Take your time, and you will understand how to avoid getting scammed online!

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