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Mail Order Brides Pricing – Everything You Need To Know

Mail order bride platforms are at the top of popularity today. These services not only give users access to a huge number of attractive mail order brides, but they also offer many features and communication options to start creating your romantic story even online. Many men from all over the world are dreaming of finding the perfect mail order wife online and are wondering about the mail bride order price. So, in this article, we will find out what is the average price of mail order bride, how you can save money, and what is the mail order brides pricing in the most popular parts of the world.

Mail order bride pricing: how much does mail order wife cost?

To begin with, you should understand that the mail order bride price is not the price for buying a girl, but the cost of all services from your registration on such a site to marrying a beautiful mail order bride. Many men think that relationships and marriages with foreign brides are costly and complicated. In fact, if you are interested in finding a foreign bride, you will not have to spend all your money. The mail order brides price includes normal expenses, without spending extra money.

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The price of mail order bride directly depends on the site you have chosen and its pricing policy, as well as on the region you have chosen. Also, the price varies depending on the services and options you use. So, let’s take a closer look at what is included in the mail order bride cost and how much each of these services costs.

Mail order brides pricing: using an online service

One of the important parts of the prices of mail order brides is the cost of using the online service and on average, taking into account the necessary communication options and features, it costs from $50 to $150 per month. So let’s look at the most popular features and their prices:

  • Registration on the online platform — absolutely free
  • Mail order bride sites’ membership — $10-$100 per month
  • Chats and sending messages — $5-$10
  • Sending virtual or real gifts — $20-$100
  • Audio, video, and live chats — $5-$25

A trip to the homeland of a foreign bride

The biggest part of the cost is traveling to the home country of your mail order wife. On average, the cost of such a trip ranges from $8,000 up to $13,000. The price directly depends on the region you choose and the duration of your trip. The agency is fully engaged in organizing and planning your trip, so this value includes every detail, namely: roundtrip airfare, local transfer, accommodation, daily meals, gifts for your date, excursions, organization of romantic dates with your sweetheart, personal translator and assistant. Also, before the trip, you will be able to choose any additional services to turn your date with a beautiful mail order bride into the most romantic experience in your life.

Tips on how to save money when buying a mail order bride online

It should be understood that the price of mail order brides has no hidden funds and includes only normal expenses for a 14-day trip and use of online dating service. But to make your search more efficient and not overpay extra for buying a mail order bride, let’s look at these top tips to make your online and offline dating experience cost-effective:

  • Select only the services and features that you plan to use. Most dating sites offer a free trial, so you can choose and pay for only the features you need.
  • When paying a fee per membership on an online dating service, pay immediately 3 months in advance. If you pay 3 or more months in advance for using an online dating site, the average price per month will be much lower.
  • Choose inexpensive features and options. For example, do not start communicating with a girl immediately with audio and video calls. If you want to communicate online, use regular chat to not only get to know each other better, but also save your money. Prices for communication in regular chats are much lower compared to audio and video calls.
  • Organize and plan your romantic tour to the home country of your date in advance. If you organize your trip, you can book both air tickets and a hotel to stay at a much lower price.

Mail order brides cost in different parts of the world

As mentioned above, mail order bride cost directly depends on the region. So in which countries can you find cheap mail order wives and in which countries will the prices be the most expensive? Let’s find it out!

Average price of Asian mail order brides

Asia is one of the most popular regions in the world for finding a mail order wife, and it is in this region that you can find both cheap mail order bride and very expensive ones. The most expensive countries in the region to find a bride are Korea, China, and Japan, and the average mail order bride price in these countries will be $11,000. While in the Philippines, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, prices are much lower, so the average price of a mail order bride will start at $8,000.

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Average price for a mail order bride in Latin America

Latin mail order brides are also very popular among the male part of the world. And fortunately, this is the region where you will find the lowest mail order brides prices. Brazil and Colombia rank first in the number of brides who entered the United States to marry a foreign man. One of the reasons for this popularity is the low average mail to order bride price, which starts from $6,000.

Average price for mail order bride in Slavic countries

Mail order wives from the Slavic region are a real magnet for dozens of men. As in Asia, prices will come not only from the region itself, but also from the country you have chosen. First, the prices for flights to this region are quite high, so the average price for Slavic mail order brides is also relatively high. Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Russia are the most famous countries for finding a bride among foreigners, and prices in these countries are quite low. The average price for a Slavic mail order bride, including all costs, is from $8,000 up to $11,000.

To sum up

Today, many mail order bride platforms offer premium services that will not only help you find your perfect match anywhere in the world, but also comfortably go on a romantic tour to her home country. If you have always dreamed of beautiful foreign mail order brides, then these services will be a real revelation for you and help turn your dreams into reality. So don’t miss your chance, choose a platform, a region, and invest in your own international love story.


How to buy a mail order bride?

To buy a mail order bride, you need to choose a mail order bride agency that has a focus on the region you are interested in, register, and start searching for a match. Once you find your perfect match, with the help of the service, you will be able to arrange an appointment offline and go to her home country.

Is it expensive to buy a mail order bride?

Definitely not. When choosing a dating site, you will be able to choose the most affordable option according to your budget. Many platforms offer to try the free version of the dating site so that you can choose the most suitable options and services just for you. Most of the costs are travel to the home country of your date, but also before the trip; you will be able to choose any options according to your budget.

How much does mail order brides cost to buy them?

If you want to buy a mail order bride, you will need to pay a monthly fee for using the dating sites and various features, and this price includes a trip to the home country of your date. On average, monthly use of the service costs from $10 up to $100, and a romantic tour costs almost $8,000.

What is the average cost of mail order brides?

The average price of mail order bride directly depends on the region you have chosen. Considering all the costs of using the dating platform and travel costs, it averages from $7,000.

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