Who Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Online?
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Who Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Online?

Whenever anyone mentions looking for Asian bride for marriage, Vietnamese women always come up. For many Western men, Vietnamese brides are the prime example of everything they want to see in their potential partner. And now that meeting people from other countries is easier than ever, there is nothing standing between you and your love for Vietnamese mail order brides!

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Why do men choose Vietnamese brides?

Vietnamese mail order brides are some of the most popular Asian women for Western men to date and marry, and it’s not a coincidence. There is so much to love about Vietnamese girls, and here are the 3 biggest reasons to consider them.

Vietnamese woman for marriage

The beauty of Vietnamese brides is natural

Like all Asian women, Vietnamese brides are very good-looking. What’s even more important, their beauty is a product of their genetics and healthy lifestyle instead of heavy makeup, cosmetic surgery, and revealing clothes. The flawless skin, great hair, and fit bodies of Vietnamese girls barely change with years, and these women look excellent for decades.

Vietnamese mail order brides are humble and down-to-earth

When you are dating a Vietnamese woman, you will never find yourself thinking that she’s demanding more than you can give to her. Vietnamese women don’t have a lot of impossible expectations from the men they date. They want to be loved, respected, and taken care of, which is not a difficult thing to do when you are genuinely smitten with your Vietnamese mail order wife.

Vietnamese women live for their families

No amount of career opportunities, active social life, and other life pleasures will ever be as important to a Vietnamese wife as her family. These women can sacrifice a lot for the happiness of their loved ones, and they don’t even need to be asked to do it. They will always make sure their families have everything, and only then will they consider their own needs.

Why do Vietnamese brides want to marry foreign men?

For Vietnamese mail order brides, there are several reasons to date or marry foreign men. First, they see them as a more caring and ambitious alternative to local guys. Second, they love the way Western men look and behave. Third, they are rightfully convinced that moving to a foreign country for marriage will unlock more opportunities for them than they would have in Vietnam.

It is far easier to marry a Vietnamese woman in the twenty-first century due to law changes and the total popularity of intermixed marriages. Marrying a Vietnamese woman in Vietnam is possible if you have a list of required documents that show your eligibility to marry:

  • Application for marriage registration in Vietnam
  • Certificate of Non-married status
  • Certificate of good health conditions
  • Affidavit of single status
  • Attorney documents  

Vietnam women for marriage are happy to choose Americans as husbands because the attitude toward women is much more demanding and strict in Vietnam. Americans, on the contrary, are considered to be more gentle, supportive, and caring. When they marry Vietnamese girl, they take full responsibility for her by giving attention, support, and love. 

Since the 2000s, the percentage of marriages between Americans and Vietnamese girls for marriage has risen to 11%. The main reasons for these marriages are simple:

  • Vietnam girls for marriage adore the American perspective of life. Unfortunately, Vietnam is quite an emerging country, and Vietnamese ladies have no opportunities to evolve as personalities with their careers. Most of them are obliged to become mothers from a very young age and marry a man they don’t love. With Americans, they can change their perspectives and become not only perfect wives but ambitious career-seekers. 
  • Americans have great chances to meet and marry a Vietnamese girl because they provide a sense of reliability and care. This is the essential thing Vietnamese women appreciate. 

A good marriage contains appreciation, support, and sharing of values. Americans tend to respect the traditions of other cultures, including Vietnamese. Hence, they can be amazing husbands for Vietnamese women. 

Why should you marry Vietnamese woman?

If you desire to build serious relationships with a modest and unique woman, you should consider a Vietnamese bride. 

  • Vietnamese girls are family-oriented and respectful. They take family values seriously since their mothers taught them that from childhood. 
  • Vietnamese brides are wise and never talk loudly to their husbands and kids. It is odd for them to watch how wives shout at their husbands or kids. Vietnamese women for marriage are prone to solve every problem peacefully. 
  • Vietnamese girls will treat you like a king because of their level of loyalty and devotion to you. And if you treat them like queens, you can be sure your Vietnamese marriage is going to be strong, loyal, and happy.

How to date Vietnamese mail order brides like a pro

Between the time you meet Vietnamese brides and the time you can actually make one of them your wife, there is an important period of dating and getting to know each other. Here are 5 tips that will help you put your relationship with a Vietnamese bride on the right track.

  • Be persistent when necessary. You should never expect a Vietnamese woman to approach you first even when she’s obviously interested, but she may even say no the first time you ask her out. This means you’ll need to try harder.
  • Let her suggest some date ideas. A typical Vietnamese mail order bride is very happy to go with the flow, but she also wants to know that her ideas are valued. Every once in a while, let her choose the place to go on a date.
  • Don’t expect your date to pay. In Vietnamese dating culture, a woman never even takes out her wallet when on a date with a guy. However, she may treat you to ice cream or coffee when you’re out and about.
  • Ask her lots of questions. A Vietnamese bride will want to learn everything about you, but she also wants to see your genuine interest in her personality and culture. Asking questions is the best way to learn more about her.
  • Volunteer to meet her family. Being the first one to suggest a meeting with your Vietnamese woman’s parents will help you achieve two goals: get to know her background and prove to her family that you have serious plans involving the lady.

Where can you meet Vietnamese brides as a foreigner?

Vietnamese  girl for marriage

Vietnam is a beautiful country that has a lot to offer to its visitors, but if you plan a visit to Thailand with the sole purpose of meeting Vietnamese women, you may end up disappointed in the end. Not every Vietnamese woman is willing to date a foreign guy, and there are even fewer girls who will even consider moving abroad for love. If you want to meet Vietnam wives who are looking for the same things as you do, there are plenty of places to find a bride online.

They are known as international dating sites, and they are by far the easiest, effective, and budget-friendly way to meet foreign women. You can use them without leaving your home and communicate with as many women at the same time as needed for you to make the right choice of a partner. These sites allow you to meet Kazakhstan girl for marriage, Vietnamese brides, Thailand ladies for marriage, and all kinds of foreign brides even if there are thousands of miles between you.

To sum up

If you’re now convinced that a Vietnamese mail order bride is exactly who you need to achieve eternal happiness and are now just wondering where to begin your search, we have the perfect suggestion for you. Our dating site reviews will give you a clear idea about which sites are safe and effective, and which are best to be avoided. Use this knowledge to quickly find your dream woman!


What is the best way to meet Vietnamese mail order brides?

Modern dating sites are a popular choice if you want to find a partner from Vietnam quickly and in a fun way.

Is it safe to date Vietnamese brides?

Dating on reliable dating sites that have positive user feedback and reviews are safe for a search for your future wife from Vietnam.

What is the average price for Vietnamese mail order brides?

The cost of a Vietnamese bride consists of round trip tickets—about $2,900, travel expenses for two weeks—about $730, plus communication on dating sites.

Do Vietnamese wives want to marry Western men?

Some Vietnamese women are interested in guys from abroad, however, some prefer to date locally. Mainly, you can find Vietnamese mail order wives who want to marry Westerners on specialized dating sites.

Can I legally marry a bride from Vietnam?

Yes, you can. International marriage is allowed in the majority of countries. But before pursuing legal marriage with a Vietnamese lady, we recommend checking the laws and recommendations of your particular country.

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