Get To Know More About Chinese Mail Order Brides Than Ever Before
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Get To Know More About Chinese Mail Order Brides Than Ever Before

In the past, men had to date within their own country, city, and even social circle, but now you can find a bride from a totally different country and even continent and simply bring her to live with you. Chinese mail order wife is traditionally popular among single Western men, and here is why you should choose a Chinese woman for marriage and how to successfully date Сhinese brides online.

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Why you can’t go wrong with Chinese brides

Have you ever wondered whether you should meet Chinese wives or consider other foreign brides? Here are the top 3 arguments in favor of Chinese women for marriage.

Chinese mail order brides are very pretty

Appearance-wise, Chinese girls are probably closest to Thailand ladies for marriage. However, girls in China are even more petite than their Thai counterparts. Chinese brides are also more natural in their beauty, and their fashion sense is more elegant and understated than the way many Asian girls dress.

Yaping, 44
44 y.o.
Location China, Nanning
Occupation Trader
Eva, 53
53 y.o.
Location Shanghai, China
Occupation Manager
Tracy, 51
51 y.o.
Location China, Guangzhou
Occupation Nurse
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Women in China are resilient and optimistic

Life isn’t always easy for Chinese women, but they don’t allow the small hardships to break their spirit. In fact, they use them to become stronger, more ambitious, and more capable of resolving any issue. Chinese brides are always hoping for the best, and there is nothing that can change their sunny disposition.

Chinese mail order wives can’t wait to have a family

You can meet lots of young Chinese wives who work full-time, have a variety of hobbies, and always spend time with their friends, but deep down, they want a husband and children as soon as possible. Mail order wives in China prefer getting a family while they are still young, so that they could spend their best years with their favorite people by their side.

Why do Chinese brides get the idea to marry foreign men?

Your desire to meet Asian brides for marriage in general and Chinese girls in particular is completely understandable, but what makes Chinese mail order wife leave her home life behind and move abroad to live with their foreign husband? The truth is that for every Chinese bride this decision has different reasoning, but there are also several universal arguments in favor of international relationships that many Chinese wives share. Specifically, they want a strong, monogamous relationship with a man who values them, protects them, and is highly motivated to start a family.

single chinese woman
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What is Chinese dating culture like?

China’s dating culture is unique in many ways. It is a culture that emphasizes marriage and family. However, there are still some aspects of China’s dating culture that remain old-fashioned and conservative.

Traditionally, Chinese society places a great deal of importance on family. It means that people either search for serious relationships and a partner with whom they could build a family or live with them as a member of the family. The older generation often prefers to marry their children off within the same social group.

China’s dating culture has changed over the years, with more people opting for online dating sites to find partners. It is not uncommon to see people of all ages and backgrounds looking for love online.

In China, online dating is considered a way to find a suitable partner. The government has made it clear that it doesn’t support any form of matchmaking services or marriage agencies, which means that the only way for individuals to find love is through online dating.

Online dating culture in China can be attributed to the country’s traditional values as well as its high rate of urbanization and the increasing number of single people.

Here are a few more facts about dating in Chinese culture:

  • People generally start dating after 20
  • Relationships, whether offline or online, are usually serious and aimed toward marriage. There is no casual dating in China
  • Parents are involved in the relationships and can impact the decision-making
  • Asking to get married only after a few months of dating is accepted and expected
  • Online dating is popular, yet it is only for serious communication leading to a marriage
Weili, 40
40 y.o.
Location China, Beijing
Occupation Chairman of international trade company
Xiaojie, 45
45 y.o.
Location China, Shanghai
Occupation Stylist
Fang, 22
22 y.o.
Location China, Beijing
Occupation Beauty Shops
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Due to west intermixed marriages between Chinese and Americans, the number of Chinese immigrants in the U.S. has increased to 5,5% in 2018. So, there are more opportunities to marry a Chinese wife, and the number of marriages keeps rising yearly. The process of marrying a Chinese wife is faster now since mail order bride websites allow new couples to join together in months or even weeks. China-American marriages are prone to be one of the most successful ones due to:

  • When you marry Chinese mail order bride, you can be sure she will relocate to the USA.
  • Chinese bride looking for marriage shares a lot of common values with Americans. 
  • Chinese women for marriage consider Americans more open-minded and ambitious.
  • Both Americans and Chinese for marriage value their families and the idea of faith. Chinese girl marriage cannot exist without loyalty that keeps every marriage long.
beautiful chinese girl

Why should you marry a Chinese girl?

We always wonder about qualities we will appreciate in our future spouses. With the help of this decision, we will either have a happy or unhappy marriage. In a moment, you’ll learn why you should marry beautiful Chinese women for marriage and what makes them amazing wives:

  • Marrying a Chinese mail order bride guarantees loyalty because it builds boundaries and makes every wedlock happy. When you marry Chinese wife, you no longer need to worry about cheating and flirting with other men. The point is that in the marriage, the only true apple of a Chinese woman’s eye will be you.
  • If you marry Chinese lady, you will be lucky to highlight her respect for your family and friends. Moreover, chinese wives adore playing with kids, and they dream of becoming good mothers.
  • Chinese ladies for marriage pursue success. They are not only modest and elegant wives and mothers. These wonderful women own leadership qualities a lot of other Western women lack.
Juan, 52
52 y.o.
Location China, Shenzhen
Occupation training institutions business owner
Haojun, 21
21 y.o.
Location Hebei, China
Occupation Beautician
Weili, 40
40 y.o.
Location China, Beijing
Occupation Chairman of international trade company
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Where to meet beautiful Chinese bride online

Do you seek beautiful Chinese mail order brides? Then you should definitely find out which dating sites you have to use in order to find a perfect Chinese mail order bride online. As you can see, there are 4 places to meet Chinese brides online, and every one of them is better than the other. Indeed, these 4 dating sites have been reviewed and analyzed so that you could have the best time of your life with beautiful and real Chinese mail order brides. We have tested these platforms to ensure that your time here could be effective, enjoyable, and successful, so go on, sign up and try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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Common misconceptions about Chinese girls

Chinese woman looking for men
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The popularity of Chinese brides online increased their international exposure, which also led to several persistent myths forming around Chinese women. Here are the things you can often hear about Chinese girls and why they are not true whatsoever.

  • Women in China don’t know English. In reality, English is usually taught at schools starting from the earliest grades. Plus, many Chinese women work in international companies, where they also use English for communication and can speak the language well.
  • Chinese brides are overly materialistic. The financial status of a potential partner is important to chinese wives, but only in the sense of supporting the family when the woman is at home raising small children. In all other cases, Chinese brides are prepared to work and contribute to the family budget.
  • Chinese mail order brides are very hard to please. The truth is that Chinese ladies definitely know their self-worth and will never tolerate bad treatment from a man. However, it doesn’t mean that a Chinese wife is constantly demanding gifts and declarations of love. In fact, women in China are often the ones responsible for the romance in the relationship.

Pros & Cons of Dating a Chinese brides Online

Pros 👍Cons 👎
✔️ Chinese women are very beautiful and feminine❌ Chinese women are often less independent and more submissive than Western women
✔️ Most Chinese women are more traditional, which is good for a man who wants a traditional family❌ Chinese wife usually has a lot of pressure to have children and be successful in life
✔️ Chinese women have a stronger sense of loyalty
✔️ Chinese culture is one that is more accepting of men with children
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5 best dating tips for relationships with Chinese mail order brides

After you meet Chinese mail order brides, you need to date one of them for some time to see if you are a good match for each other. Here are 5 tips to make your relationship thrive.

  • Find a common ground. When dating a foreign woman, it’s easy to concentrate on your differences, but if you want to grow closer to each other, focus on the similarities instead.
  • Compliment her personality, not just her beauty. Chinese brides enjoy it when men are smitten with their beauty, but they also want to know that you are in love with their mind and character too.
  • Romantic gifts are always welcome. Girls in China are impartial to all kinds of romantic gifts from the men they love, which can range from teddy bears to custom print mugs with the photo of you two.
  • Show a genuine interest in her life. The background and everyday life of a Chinese mail order bride are so fascinating that you will always want to find out more about it, and your lady will be happy to tell you everything.
  • Let her know your relationship has a future. A typical Chinese bride will never waste her time on a meaningless fling. She wants a relationship that has substance, so make sure to discuss your view of the future with her.
chenese mail order bride

5 best places to have a date with single Chinese ladies

Since we mentioned a few words about offline dating, it is high time to help you with what you should do when you have a real-life date with your future wife. So, there are a few great spots for you to have your dates with a Chinese mail order bride. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • Restaurants. This is a classic dating spot. You can choose different cuisines and themes, and it will offer you a great variety despite going to a simple restaurant. You can choose something less noisy and more classy to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Movies. Another great place to have a date with a single Chinese lady. Choosing a movie can help you learn something more about your girl, as her preferences and choices can help you realize what kind of person she is.
  • Tourist attractions. Most of the time, you will be the first to visit your bride, so you will have a lot of interesting and unique places to visit in China. And since it is a vastly large country, you will have plenty of options to choose from regarding sightseeing.

While these places are excellent for having a date with a Chinese wife, we would highly recommend you stay out of:

  • Clubs. Nightclubs are usually for casual communication or one-night stands, so going there could give your bride some mixed signals.
  • Lectures or museums. Of course, if your bride wants to go to something educational, you should go. But generally, stick to something entertaining rather than educational. 
Shuang, 19
19 y.o.
Location Kuytun, China
Occupation Secretary
Huaping, 46
46 y.o.
Location Shenzhen, China
Occupation Doctor
Shu, 67
67 y.o.
Location Shenzhen, China
Occupation dancer
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Chinese brides price

Seeking Chinese single ladies is not difficult if you know what to do, and learning about the price of your dating experience is essential. In this section, we are going to tell you everything about finding and paying for a Chinese bride online, as well as mention a few words about the cost of a Chinese wedding.

First of all, it is essential to say that finding a Chinese wife is a two-step process. First, you will have an online dating experience, and then, you will meet your future wife in real life. Online dating is very affordable, which is why it is so popular. In fact, you can spend only $50 per month and enjoy your time for a very small amount of money with many girls. The price depends on the dating site that you choose, but usually, it doesn’t get very expensive.

After spending some time chatting and dating online, you will eventually have to meet your Chinese bride in real-life. A trip to China can be expensive and cost you up to $5,000. Chinese brides for marriage are eager to become wives of foreigners, so it is up to you to decide where to get married. But you can be sure that your wife’s parents will insist on getting married in China. The average cost of a Chinese wedding ceremony ranges from $2,000 to $50,000, depending on the venue and number of guests.

chinese mail order bride
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Are there interesting Chinese wedding traditions?

China marriage cannot exist without a traditional Tea Ceremony. This ceremony takes part at the beginning of the wedding. It is essential for Chinese girls for marriage. During this ceremony, the two families get introduced to each other while drinking Tsao Chun. This is a traditional Chinese tea.

When the ceremony finishes, both families present the couple with a red envelope containing money and jewelry. After that, newlyweds need to share a cup of tea while crossing arms. Chinese women to marry take this gesture as a sign of true love.

Success stories

Now that you know quite a lot of facts about beautiful Chinese brides for marriage, let’s take a look at what people who actually married these girls can tell you about them. We asked a few men to share their stories of how they met their Chinese wives online so that you could get inspired!

“My first dating experience was fun but nothing special. I spent around 3 months seeking the right girl. Well, yeah, I am a picky guy, but I wanted to find my future wife, so it was quite reasonable. After I met Fang, my life changed. I fell in love and wished for the feelings to be mutual. Now, I can say that there were. After only 6 weeks of chatting, we agreed to meet in China. It was fun but very nervous, at least for me. But everything went smoothly. After another month, I went to China again to meet Fang’s parents and ask her to marry me. Fortunately, her parents were eager to meet me and gave us their blessing!”

Fang and Harlod

“I met Li by accident. I wanted to shut down the website that I was using, and I misclicked, opening a profile of a girl. I decided to read her profile and found out that she was a very fun girl. Although it was late, I decided to send her a message, and after 5 minutes, I got a reply. We spent 5 hours chatting that day!  It was fun and new for me. I thought something different about Li, and she was very kind and fun. We spent around 2 months chatting online, and then we met on neutral territory in Spain to have a romantic trip together. I proposed to her there, and she said yes!”

Li and Steve

“Min is a fantastic woman that I couldn’t believe could use online dating sites. She is a perfect woman: smart, kind, loyal, and fun. I don’t know what a traditional Chinese wife should look like, but my wife makes me the happiest man on the planet.”

Min and Joe

To sum up

Now that you know why Chinese mail order brides make such fantastic life partners and what kind of dating services you need to use to find your Chinese bride, all that is left is to pick the right dating site for your needs. Check out our international dating site reviews to know which service provides the best quality/price ratio and begin your romantic adventure today!


Where can I meet Chinese ladies?

To find a hot bride from China, you can either join a reliable dating site or travel to the country itself to try your luck looking for someone special IRL.

How to date a Chinese mail order brides?

The modern dating scene in China is very Westernized, so you don’t need to be afraid of difficulties. The only difference is that Chinese girls tend to take relationships more seriously from the very beginning.

How much does it usually cost to marry a Chinese bride?

The average wedding price in China is around 200,000 yuan (around $31,000). If you choose to marry in the US, the average price of a wedding in 2020 was $19,000.

Why do Western men want to marry Chinese mail order wives?

Gorgeous Chinese ladies win the hearts of Western guys with their incredible beauty, sophistication, elegance, and wise attitude to family life.

If I want to marry a Chinese bride, how can I protect myself from scammers?

Dating online you always need to keep an eye on common red flags. Avoid using free dating platforms and sites that are badly developed.

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